"Encoutering Noah's Ark" DVD/VOD

"Encoutering Noah's Ark" DVD/VOD

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Could all the animals fit on the Ark? Could 8 people really take care of them? How did they feed them all? Manage the waste? Get fresh air? Could Noah really build an ark that big?

Many Christians are plagued by these questions to the point of wondering if it could really be true. This video will provide faith-building answers!

Join The Creation Guys Kyle Justice and Pat Roy as they explore The Ark Encounter, a life-sized ark built in Williamstown, Kentucky!

The Creation Guys take you on journey through one of the most epic adventures of all time - Noah's Flood. Feel the wonder of traveling down the aisles of animal cages, beautiful murals, unbelievable wood structures, and thought-provoking displays at the Ark Encounter.

If you've never been, be prepared to grasp the authenticity of the Genesis account like never before!

This is a great video for homeschool families and church youth groups who want to build their faith while validating the story of Noah as told in the Bible.

The Creation Guys are Pat Roy, Kyle and Noah Justice.  Pat Roy started a career in radio broadcasting over 30 years ago.  He eventually went on to supervise the broadcasting department for the Institute for Creation Research and eventually produced the Jonathan Park Audio Adventures. 

Kyle Justice started producing TV programming back in the 1980's and worked or produced for Moody Bible Institute, The Family Channel, National Geographic, ESPN, and The Outdoor Channel.  In 2010 he started Awesome Science Media, a prolific media company producing many documentaries and children’s programs on science and the Bible.

DVD comes with a Digital HD Download Copy. 

Format: DVD and HD Download
Length: 46 Minutes
Ages: 14+
Published: 2019